Jan 25, 2022

New functionality is added!

As of today, we have released a set of smaller and larger improvements on Tracket. Below you will find more information about the new date picker, new API functions and an improvement on the CSV export.

Date picker

The date picker in the period overview has a new and improved look. We've made it easier for you to select a week by clicking on one of the days in that week. In the future we will allow you to select a custom timeframe.

New API functions for time entries

We've created new endpoints for the Time entries API. The following endpoints are added:
  • Create time entry
  • Update time entry
  • Delete time entry
Read more on using these new endpoints here:

Improved export

The CSV export has a new variable, User name, to make it easier for you to know which user created a time entry. More variables will follow, such as the item name and approval status of the time entry. Below we've mentioned new and upcoming variables:
  • User name
  • Item name (next release)
  • Approval status of time entry (next release)
In need of other variables? Please let us know.
Read more on how to export time entries here: