Feb 8, 2022

Update to integrations and capacity per person

Update for integrations

We’ve added new integrations to Tracket. You can now use subitems, billable hours and a specific format to set up your automations. Next to that, it’s also possible to map fields from a time entry to columns.
Find out how to set up integrations here:
Are you in need of another integration or configuration? Reach out to us!

Capacity per person

New feature: capacity!
We’ve added the functionality to add a capacity per person. This gives you insight in the amount of hours a person works per week. You can add a number of hours to each person in the account.
  • Go to admin settings in Tracket
  • Find the people tab
  • Add a number of hours to each person
The capacity can be used to see the percentage you’ve worked in a week on your timesheet. More information and how to set up the capacity: