Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Tracket?

To find out how to install Tracket, please visit our installation page.

What are the costs of Tracket?

Tracket now uses's monetization. If you are a new Tracket user, you start with a 14 day free trial. It utilizes user buckets which depend on your instance's size. Each bucket comes with the same functionalities and you can choose between a monthly or yearly subscription.
If you are still on a Stripe subscription, which is the old pricing model that we do not offer anymore, we recommend switching to the new monetization. Since we will cancel all monthly subscriptions on April 1st, 2024, and all yearly subscriptions on October 1st, 2024, you will lose access to Tracket if you have not switched before then. Your Tracket data will not be lost. Switching also allows you to use the new feature set!
Please check out our documentation pages about pricing for more details about the pricing and how you can switch to's monetization.

Can I use Tracket in the mobile app?

Marketplace apps, including Tracket, are not supported in the mobile/tablet app. Tracket can be visible, but its behavior is unpredictable and not officially supported. Right now, there is unfortunately nothing we can do to support the mobile app. However, we are in contact with about supporting Tracket on mobile devices! Furthermore, Tracket does not come with a standalone app.

Can I use Tracket in the desktop app?

Tracket can be used from the desktop app and works the exact same as the browser version.

Is it possible to only log time on items you are assigned to?

This is a feature we are working on. Smart suggestions however do show up in the time entry form. These are very helpful if you work on the same item often. Pinning items is also possible, allowing you to keep often used items at the top of the selection.

Is it possible to add rates for different persons?

Not yet, this is a work in progress.

Is there a partner program?

Absolutely! Please visit our Tracket Partner page.

Why are the hours of my team not showing up in reports?

Make sure you are a Tracket team admin of the team. As a admin, in the Tracket menu, go to Admin > People. Then select the team you like to see hours from. You can change the Tracket permissions of you and other users here. To become a Tracket team admin, simply select team admin in the select.

Can I copy past weeks into the current week?

Yes! Bulk actions provide a duplicate function. This allows you to copy entire time entries, including time, to another date. As long as the period of the new date is not locked, you can select days in the past and future.

Is it possible to extract reports?

Yes, you can. Reports can be created via the Reports tab in the Tracket menu and can be exported to CSV and Excel. Another option is to use the admin export (Admin > Exports), dashboard widget export or the item view export. These can only export your time entries to CSV.

How do I set up notifications for all users?

At the moment, notifications are a personal preference and can be set up by each individual user. They can do so by navigating to Settings > Preferences in the Tracket menu. You will find the settings under Notifications.

How do I set up the integration?

Please visit our documentation page about configuring integrations.

Can I limit the selection to certain boards or items?

No, but you can use the pin functionality within several selectors to bring your most-used items, custom fields and categories to the top of the list. This makes them easier to access.

Can I generate reports for all time entries made on specific projects? And by team member?

Yes! You can use the group by feature in combination with filters in reports and dashboard widgets to get the information you want to see.
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