Team timesheets

The team timesheets page is there to view other people's timesheet in more detail, just like your own timesheet. You can easily switch between different team members and edit their timesheet. Team timesheets can be accessed by going to Team > Timesheets in the Tracket menu.

Switch between team members

Switching by users can be done by using the select on the top left. If there are no Tracket team admins configured, the selector will contain all users and guests (excluding inactive users). Otherwise, all users that are part of the same teams as the team admin will be available. A admin can see all users, whether they are part of their team or not.

Editing time entries for team members

Tracket team admins can change time entries on other team member's timesheet. With team admins configured, a admin can do this for every user that is part of at least one team. Otherwise, all users and guests will be selectable. Editing someone else's timesheet follows the same steps as if you were to edit your own. Learn more about editing your timesheet ➜