Permissions and widgets

Viewing Tracket widgets

Who can view the Tracket widgets depends on access to the monday dashboards. Anyone who has access to the dashboard in can see the shared data that is shared by the creator of the widget. Tracket widgets on a shareable view are not supported.

Creating new widgets

Anyone in your environment can in principle create Tracket widgets. The data they can display in a widget depends on their rights in Tracket. For example, a admin can use all data from Tracket in a widget, but an regular member can only place his own logged time in a widget.
Users can only create widgets with data they have access to. But when a widget with certain data is shared on a dashboard, anyone with access to this dashboard can see this data.

Editing widgets

Only the creator of a widget or a admin can edit a widget. Don't forget to save the chart before closing the settings modal.