Review and approve timesheets

In order to work with the approval process, this must be enabled in the settings by the admin.
As a team admin you review, approve and reject a timesheet. If no teams with team admins are configured, you can also do this as admin.
The overview of the timesheets can be found via period overview > team admin settings > approvals.
You see an overview of all timesheets of all your team members. Are you team admin of multiple teams? Then you can switch between the different teams via the teams filter at the top.
The timesheets are classified by status:
  • Open timesheets
  • Submitted timesheets
  • Rejected timesheets
  • Approved timesheets

Open timesheets

With open timesheets you see the timesheets that have not yet been submitted. In the table you can see how many hours have already been logged and how many of them are billable. When hours have been logged, you can submit the timesheet. When you do this via the table, you are automatically designated as an approver. Via the 3 dots menu you can click through to the timesheet, to view additional details or to add or edit time entries. When you submit via the timesheet, you can possibly select a different approver.

Submitted timesheets

Submitted timesheets are awaiting approval. In the table you see the total number of hours and the amount of billable hours that have been submitted. You can directly approve or reject via the buttons with the check mark and the cross. Via the 3 dots menu you can open the timesheet and see more details of the timesheet. From the timesheet you can click on time entries, so that you can also view the description.
A submitted timesheet can be reopened by the user itself. This can only be done while it has not been approved yet.

Rejected timesheets

If a timesheet is rejected, it is open again for changes. When the rejected timesheet is resubmitted, it must be reviewed again.

Approved timesheets

If a timesheet is approved, it is locked. If a change still needs to be made, you can reopen the timesheet. The timesheet then changes back to the open status and must then be resubmitted and reviewed.