How to configure fields.
A time entry consists of the following fields:
  • Item: the item the time entry is made on.
  • Subitem (optional): the subitem the time entry is made on.
  • Date: the date the hours are worked.
  • Category: the type of work you wish to select for this time entry.
  • Hours: number of hours (hours - minutes)
  • Billable hours: number of billable hours (hours - minutes)
  • Description (optional): describe the work log
Currently, only categories and billable fields can be changed in the field configuration. This will change in future releases.

Optional / required fields

Some of the fields in a time entry can be made required in the "fields" settings. This can be done when you want all time entries to be consistent, since time entries cannot be saved when all required fields aren't filled yet.
  • Category: if you wish that every time entry consists of a type of work, you can require the category by turning on the checkbox. It is only possible to activate this field when categories are configured. See the example below:
Category is required
  • Billable hours: billable hours relate to a category, as explained below. Each category can be made billable or non-billable. When checking the checkbox "required" after the billable hours field, each category that is billable must have an amount of billable hours.
Don't forget to save your changes when you're done editing.

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