Configure categories

Categories can used to create an extra layer of information. Categories are usually the type of work you wish to log time on, but it can also be used for specific business units or accounts.
By default, no categories are available. Start adding a category by pressing this button:
Next, you choose the name and color of the category. Each category can be set as a billable or non-billable category. When the billable checkbox is checked, the field billable hours is always shown while creating this time entry.
Don't forget to save your changes when you're done editing.

What happens if I change a category?

Categories can be edited and deleted. Changing the name, color or billable checkbox of a category will save changes retroactively, meaning that the time entries made in the past will also change to this new configuration. A category will always have the same category id, even if the name or color is changed. This category id can be used for reporting purposes.
  • The name of a category can be changed with an inline edit.
  • Categories can be ordered by drag and drop.
  • Categories can be deleted by pressing the bin behind a category
Last modified 1mo ago