With notifications in Tracket, team members and team admins are informed on changes in the approval process. Notifications are shown in the Tracket application and can also be sent by email.


You can set which notifications you want to receive, and in which way. In the Tracket menu, click Settings > User settings.
All users receive an in-app notification
  • when a submitted timesheet was rejected
  • when a team admin sends a reminder to submit your timesheet
These notifications can not be turned off.
Notifications for users:
  • when my timesheet is approved
  • when my timesheet is rejected
  • when my timesheet is reopened
  • when my team admin sends a reminder
  • when my timesheet is overdue
Notifications for (team) admins:
  • When a team members' timesheet is submitted
  • Weekly summary of your team members' timesheets