Configure action sequences

Extending pre-filled action sequences require a deep understanding of Jira's issue, fields and workflows. We recommend that only Jira admins and TOPdesk operators perform these modifications.
The imported pre-filled action sequence has a default configuration in which some fields are copied from the TOPdesk change or incident to the Jira issue. You can extend this configuration by editing the body of the action sequence. This can be done via the editor inside TOPdesk or via a JSON editor.
TOPdesk fields
Jira issue body
Jira issue fields
Jira Transitions
You can find a list of available TOPdesk fields in the DataDict in TOPdesk:
  • Open the TOPdesk Menu on the top-left.
  • Choose Help.
  • Choose DataDict.
Note: not all fields are equal between incidents and changes.
Everything inside the issue field of the pre-filled action sequence body will be passed forwards to Jira's Create and Update endpoints. You can read more about the available fields in their API documentation.
To get the ID's for the Jira fields you can use their API documentation.
To get the transition ID's for company managed projects:
  • Select
    > Issues.
  • Navigate to workflows.
  • Edit the workflow that is linked to the correct project.
  • Go into text mode.
  • Then in the column Transitions (id) you find the ID's.
For team managed projects:
  • Find an existing issue key, i.e. TEST-123.
  • Use Atlassian's Transition API together with the issue key.
  • Note: only the transitions that are available at that moment are shown.
Once the changes have been made to the action sequence don't forget to save it or import it again when the changes have been made outside of TOPdesk.


To get familiar with modifying pre-filled action sequences we provide some blueprints that cover different use cases. These blueprints only modify the body of an create or update action sequence and expect to be used in pre-filled action sequences. Pre-filled action sequences already contain all the necessary fields for authentication and should not be modified.