Licensing for the TOPdesk Jira Integration is handled by Atlassian and can be managed in Jira.

Invalid license

Throughout the integration we check if your license is still active. When Atlassian tells us there is an issue with your license, we display a message to indicate this.
To verify your license in Jira:
  • Log in as an Administrator.
  • Navigate to Settings → Apps.
  • Navigate to the menu item 'Manage apps' in the section 'Atlassian Marketplace'.
  • Look for TOPdesk Jira Integration and expand the entry.

Get support

If you need any help with your license, please open a support request in our Service Desk.

Whitelist IP

Some TOPdesk instances require IP addresses to be whitelisted in order to access TOPdesk. The current ip to whitelist is: