Post functions

The TOPdesk Jira Integration makes it possible to create a change request or an incident in TOPdesk based on activity in Jira. A Jira administrator can configure workflows that automate this functionality.

Jira workflows

Jira issues have a life cycle within Jira. This life cycle start with the creation of the issue and can have many steps before the issue is closed. These steps are configured in workflows. Atlassian has written about workflows in their documentation here: Working with workflows.

Workflow post functions

When an issue transitions through its workflow, Jira carries out a number of post functions. For example: There is a post function that updates the status of the issue. Another post function updates the change history of the issue.
A Jira admin can configure post functions and use them to automate functionality in Jira. Post functions can be used to automatically add a comment to the issue, for example. You can find more information about post functions in Atlassian's documentation: Advanced workflow configuration.