Action sequences

The TOPdesk Jira Integration makes it possible to create or update a Jira issue based on activity in TOPdesk. We use TOPdesk's action sequences to make that happen. A Jira administrator can download pre-filled action sequences in the Jira app. A TOPdesk operator can import these action sequences in TOPdesk.
On the 7 of March 2023 TOPdesk have released a blog post detailing visual changes to the Action Sequences. This documentation has been updated to reflect these changes to the best extend possible.

Pre-filled action sequences

The Jira TOPdesk integration allows you to download pre-filled action sequences to make it easier to configure your automation process. A Jira admin can configure and download these action sequences in Jira. A TOPdesk operator can then import these in TOPdesk.
Action sequences are only downloadable once for the following reason:
The action sequence generates an authentication key that is not saved on our servers. Because the key is not saved somewhere, a new key is generated each time an action sequence is created.

Extending pre-filled action sequences

Extending pre-filled action sequences require a deep understanding of Jira's issue, fields and workflows. We recommend that only Jira admins and TOPdesk operators perform these modifications.
Pre-filled action sequences can be modified in TOPdesk or a JSON editor. By default only some fields are copied from the TOPdesk change or incident to the Jira issue.
To get familiar with modifying action sequences we provide a few blueprints with differing functionalities.