Atlas CRM Cloud
The Atlas CRM sales functionality allows you to manage your sales process within Jira and Confluence.

Sales in Atlas CRM

Atlas CRM makes it easy to manage sales in Jira. When a potential sale comes in, you can document it in Atlas CRM. You can link a customer, assign a user, plan Jira issues and link Confluence documents. You will have a complete overview of everything that is going on with the sale.
The sale shows up in the sales funnel inside Jira. The sales funnel gives you an overview of your sales and their status. You will be able to track your sales while they progress through the sales funnel, on their way to success.
When you learn more about a sale, you can simply update it in Jira or Confluence. You can add the estimated revenue of the sale and if possible, an estimated probability of winning the sale. The sales funnel gives you an overview of the estimated revenue in each stage of your sales funnel.
Last modified 1yr ago
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