Access and User roles

In Atlas CRM we define two access schemes that can be used to grant your Jira/Confluence users access to features of Atlas CRM. You set this up on the Access page.

1. All have access and one default user role

You can use this option when you do not want to restrict access to Atlas CRM. All users that have access to your Jira or Confluence instance can access Atlas CRM. Atlassian admins can make configuration changes in Atlas CRM, all other features are accessible for the other users.

With this configuration, no further settings are available on the page.

2. Control access and adjustable user roles

If you enable this option, all users that are not Atlassian admins will initially be denied access to Atlas CRM. You can grant access to other users by granting them a user role.

A user role contains a set of permissions which allows you to grant users access to only a part of your CRM.

With this configuration, a table appears on the page where you can grant the access.

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