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Release notes 2023

The following updates are released for Atlas CRM in 2023.

September 11th - Release 23.08 - Introducing customer interactions

Not all work done for customers is logged in Jira issues or Confluence pages. This release allows users to create "interactions" and log them on all entity types (companies, contacts and sales). An interaction is the logging of communication between an Atlas CRM user and your customers.
Interactions can be viewed in a timeline on that entity, where the tittle, date/time and participants can be viewed.
Interactions are also added to the activity stream gadget on an entity (company, contact or sale), so interactions can be viewed from the summary page.
This release also introduces a new Atlas CRM homepage. While keeping the companies overview, it adds an activity stream at a global level to your homepage. This gives immediate insight in all activities happening by you and your colleagues within Atlas CRM.
Additional changes:
  • Smaller Jira user synchronization icon on profile gadget
  • Improved Firefox responsiveness
  • Clicking the avatar on profile gadget now allows you to change the avatar

July 19th - Release 23.06 - Atlas CRM on Jira issues moved to separate panel

Integration of Atlas CRM on Jira issues has been moved from "Issue glance module" to "Issue context module". Information from Atlas CRM is now shown on a separate panel on Jira issues. Preferences in having this panel open/closed are stored per user by Atlassian. All information from Atlas CRM can be directly accessed and edited on a Jira issue.

June 21st - Release 23.05 - Dark theme panel on issues

Atlas CRM issue panel in Jira now supports Jira dark theme.

June 7th - Release 23.04 - Profile gadget on companies, contacts and sales

The summary of a company, contact or sale now contains a gadget that shows the information of that company, contact or sale.
  • The information can be edited by users with the correct permissions.
  • The gadget can be customized by admins to show any of the fields defined in your templates. Adding or removing fields showing on the gadget are applied for all users.
  • Summary section can be reorganized and structured by admins for all users using the "edit" button.
  • Fields will be shown with an icon defined in the templates.
  • From the profile gadget comments and reminders can be added.

June 7th - Release 23.03 - Interface update

Multiple updates to the interface of Atlas CRM have been released.
  • New themes are added to enhance user experience. This allow users to have a visual distinction between working on a company, contact or sale.
  • A section has been added in user preferences to allow a choice between colored theme and classic theme.
  • Default templates for companies and contacts have been renewed for new Atlas CRM instances.
  • Fields on templates can now have icons to visualize their function.
  • Cleaned up the sales dropdown menu.
  • Changes to Atlas CRM logo.

March 6th - Release 23.01 - Reworked onboarding and documentation

This release contains a new onboarding flow for new Atlas CRM installs and administrators to better help them start with Atlas CRM.
Documentation has been extensively reviewed and edited.

January 13th - Release 23.02 - UI / UX improvements

Several improvements on the user interface and user interface have been made:
  • Control (windows) and Command (mac) click now opens target page on a new tab when opening linked items, menu items and more. This allows users to quickly open multiple companies or contacts.
  • Improved order and hierarchy in top right icons. Added a dedicated "help" section.
  • Overview of 50 or 100 contacts, companies or sales no longer resets to 20 after an action.
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