Atlas CRM Cloud
The information that you can store in a company or contact can be tailored to the need of your business. Atlas CRM uses templates for companies and contacts that define the fields that your users can fill out. Jira Admins can edit these templates.

Editing the company or contact template

To edit the template:
  • Log in as an Administrator.
  • Open Atlas CRM.
  • Navigate to Settings in the top bar menu.
  • Click on templates
There are companies, contacts and sales templates


Each template consists of sections. Each section has a title/label and one or more fields.
The section title/label gives context to the fields in the section. Make sure you choose a suitable title that your users understand. Try to keep it short but informative.

Adding a section

To add a new section:
  • Click on the Add new section button at the bottom of the template
  • Enter a label for the section and click create section
  • You can choose to directly add fields to the section


Sections contain one or more fields. Users can fill out fields to save information for a company or contact. Each field consists of a label, a field type and a content type. You will find more information on the field type and the content type, late on this page.

Adding a field

To add a field:
  • Click on the Add field button
  • Enter a label for this field that is short but descriptive
  • Select a field type and a content type More information about the field type and the content type is available below
  • Save the field

Managing a field

To manage a field:
  • Hover your mouse over the section and click on the three dots next to the field
  • You will find options to: Edit, Move up, Move down and Remove the field
When you remove a field, all data that has been filled out will be lost

Field type

The field type defines how your users can enter data into the field.
Text field (single line) is used to enter small pieces of data, such as a phone number or an email address. The field will look like a small input field.
Text field (multi-line) is used to enter larger pieces of data, such as descriptions or complete addresses. This field will look like an input field with multiple lines.
Select list (single choice) allows the user to select a value from a pre-defined list. Use this field type when you have a pre-defined set of data of which you don't want your users to deviate from. And if you want to prevent typographical errors.
Date field allows dates as input. This field type allows specialized filters to find all your customers or sales on a particular date or range of dates.
User field allows Atlassian users as input. Use this field type if you want to associate Atlassian users with your customer or sale.
Number field allows any number as input. You can add range filters or greater-than and less-than filters in your overviews for this field.
To set-up a select list (single choice):
  • Change the content type to Select list (single choice)
  • Click on the + Add an option link to add an option
  • Enter a text for the option and hit the return key to add another option
  • Once you have added all the options that you would like, apply the changes
If you are looking for additional field types, please let us know!

Translating templates

You can translate your template field labels to Dutch, French, Spanish, German or English. This can be used to change the label of locked fields in Atlas CRM.
Translating your templates will edit your templates' section names and field labels. Field labels and section names that exist in the default template (Including locked fields) will be translated to the selected language.
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