Introduction to the User Directory API app for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket

The User Directory API app addresses a problem where the user directory in your Atlassian instance is out of sync with your remote directory server. Use the API that this app offers to force an immediate sync of these changes so you don’t have to wait for your Atlassian instance. This API easily integrates in your user management workflow.

A periodic synchronization task will run to update the Jira/Confluence/Bitbucket database with any changes made to an external directory. The default synchronization interval, or polling interval, is one hour (60 minutes!!!). You can change the synchronization interval on the directory configuration screen.

For most users the default schedule will suffice and when it doesn't, it may help to reduce the polling interval. In that case you don't need this app.

If you have the requirement that a new user must be available immediately and you don't want the manual intervention, this might be just the app for you.

For inspiration on how to use the app, take a look at the use case Employee onboarding or Web signup flow.

Supported Atlassian products

This app can be installed for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket


This add-on is available for download directly from the add-on manager in your JIRA installation. Alternatively, you can download the add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace directly and install the add-on manually.

Improving this app

If you have any feature requests or enhancements, please let us know!

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