Cloud migration

This page contains information for when you're migrating your Confluence instance to Cloud. Some Numbered Headings functionality will be migrated with you, while other functionality will be lost.


Numbered Headings works differently on Confluence Server / Data Center and Confluence Cloud because of the different integration points these platforms provide. This causes a difference in available functionality and what data will be migrated when you move to cloud.

Pages that use macro numbering will be migrated without additional steps. Pages that use page numbering or space numbering will migrate to cloud without issues, but they will no longer be numbered. Page includes in the macro are not supported on cloud. They work as expected after the migration, but without numbered headings.

Feature comparison

In the overview below you will see what functionality is available when you use Numbered Headings on Confluence Cloud. Page and space numbering is currently not available because we're missing the integration points to make this possible.

Atlassian is aware of this feature gap and we're discussing our options. Page and space numbering may become available on cloud in the future.


Server / Data Center


Macro numbering

Export pages with numbering

Blueprint integration

Table of Contents compatibility

Page numbering


Space numbering


Page includes


How to migrate

You can use the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant to migrate your content to Cloud. There are no additional steps required for migrating Numbered Headings, all you need to do is install Numbered Headings on the cloud instance.

Macro numbering

The Numbered Headings macro is compatible between all hosting options and will continue to work after a migration. All you need to do is install Numbered Headings on your Confluence cloud instance.

Page/space numbering

Page numbering and space numbering are not yet supported on cloud. Migrated pages that have page/space numbering enabled will continue to work as expected. But their headings will no longer be numbered.

Page includes

Page include macros that are placed inside of the Numbered Headings macro will continue to display as expected. But the headings of these included pages are no longer numbered.


If you have any questions regarding the migration to cloud, you can reach out to us in our support desk:

You can find documentation for Numbered Headings cloud here: