Page includes
Numbered Headings works with Confluence’s page include macro. This page describes the behavior with both page- and macro numbering.


The page include macro allows you to include one or more pages onto a page. It’s often used to combine pages into one big document, while keeping structure in Confluence.
Numbered Headings works great in combination with page includes. It does not matter if you use page- or macro numbering. The behavior of the numbering is the same.

Parent pages

When you view a parent page with numbering enabled, it will also number the headings of included child pages.
Child pages that are included can also have numbering enabled. The parent page will ignore the numbering of child pages and apply the options that you configured on the parent page.
Parent pages are the pages that contain the page include macro.

Child pages

When you view a child page, you will not see the parent’s numbering. You can enable numbering on the child page to have its headings numbered, when you view it outside of the parent page.
When included onto a parent page, the parent page will ignore the numbering of the child page.
Child pages are the page that are included onto the parent page.