Get started

In just a few steps you can start planting trees.

Step 1: Install the app from the marketplace

  1. Log in as board owner

  2. Navigate to the menu in the upper right corner and press Marketplace apps.

  3. Search for "Tree-Nation" by Avisi Apps

  4. Press Install app

Step 2: Add dashboard widget or integration

To create your own company's forest, you can choose to add one of the two app features to get started with a Tree-Nation account.

1) Add dashboard widget

The dashboard widget contains information about your forest. You can add the dashboard widget to an existing dashboard or create a new dashboard and add this as the first widget. While you're on a dashboard press "add widget" and find the "Tree-Nation" widget in the widget center.

When you've added the dashboard widget, you can continue at step 3.

2) Add integration

The integration allows you to connect a specific board to your forest. You can activate the integration on 1 or multiple boards. To add the integration, go to the board, find the integrations centre and find the "Tree-Nation" integrations. Here you'll get an overview of the available integrations. Select an integration and activate this.

*The first time you try to add an integration, you are required to create a Tree-Nation account and API token first, see step 3.

Step 3: Create a Tree-Nation account

Before you can start planting trees, we need you to create a Tree-Nation account. You can go to and register as a new citizen or company. Fill in your details and the account will be created.

Once you've created a Tree-Nation account, you can request an API token. You can do this as follows:

Your API-token will be sent via email soon afterwards.

Step 4: Start planting trees

Once you've received your API token, you can fill those in the settings of the dashboard widget. Fill in the API token and your User ID for validation.

Now you're all set! Select a plantation project and specie to start planting trees.

Are you having troubles setting up the integration? Please reach out to us via our support channel.

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