Your forest

How to grow your forest

When will a tree be planted?

You can choose from different integrations, depending on your business goals:

  • "When status changes plant a tree"

Choosing this integration will result in planting a tree once the status of a item is changed to the status of choice. For example each time an item is set to "done".

  • Every time period plant a tree

Choose to plant a tree each week, month or quarter.

  • When an item is created plant a tree

If you select this integration, each time a new item is created on the board the integration is active on a tree will be planted.

  • When column changes plant a tree

Choose a column in your board. When the column changes or is updated, a tree will be planted.

  • When an item is moved to group plant a tree

If an item moves to another group on the board, you can plant a tree. You can choose a specific group to select.

What information does the widget give me?

The forest is shown in your widget, which can be placed on any board. The forest shows you the amount of trees that are planted, which project and species are currently selected. Find more information about the project and species by clicking on the text.

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