Context of Custom Fields
To understand how the Manage custom fields for Jira plugin works it is crucial to have some understanding about custom fields in JIRA in general.

1. Custom Fields appear in multiple projects

First and foremost it is important to consider that custom fields can appear in multiple projects, they are not necessarily limited to one project.
The appearance on custom field in multiple projects is called a custom field context. This is important to consider when adding values to a custom field. If you are in doubt or not sure about particular custom field values, please contact your JIRA administrator.
This app cannot help you isolate values for your project only. The reason for that is the seamless integration we offer with existing JIRA custom fields. This is a big advantage when adding this plugin to an existing configuration as it will work out seamless.
The app allows you to specify when project admins are allowed to edit custom fields.
Edit Custom Field Values in different contexts

1.1. Single context

Only custom fields values with a context specific for your project are shown within the issues administration panel.

1.2. Shared context

Custom field values with a shared context with either a single or multiple project are shown within the issues administration panel.

1.3. Global context

All custom fields, related to a project either via a shared or global configuration, are shown within the issues administration panel.
Note: When changing the context of a custom field, sometimes you are asked to perform a re-index.