XSD Viewer
Cloud migration
This page contains information about migrating your Confluence instance to Cloud.


XSD Viewer is compatible between server and cloud and offers the same functionality. The available functionality will be the same on Server / Data Center / Cloud. The cloud version of XSD Viewer will be able to render your XSD images and tables without any additional action on your end. Migrating from Server / Data Center to Cloud can be done using the Migration Assistant.

Feature comparison

In the overview below you will see what functionality is available when using XSD viewer on Confluence Cloud. Both XSD images and tables can be rendered.
Server / Data Center
XSD image
XSD table

How to migrate

You can use the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant to migrate your content to Cloud. There are no additional steps required for migrating XSD viewer, all you need to do is install XSD Viewer on the cloud instance.


If you have any questions regarding the migration to cloud, you can reach out to us in our support desk: https://avisi-support.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/11
If you migrate to Confluence Cloud and decide to stop using XSD Viewer, the XSD Viewer macros will no longer work. You will have to remove them from your Confluence pages.