Team reporting
Team reports give you as a team admin insight in your team's time spent.
Team reports are different than the period overview in one way: the view of multiple team members at once. You can choose to display the team entries in different ways by making use of the group by functionality.
Team reports gives you a total amount of time that is tracked by each person, also compared to their capacity. For example, team member A has worked 40 hours, team member B has worked 32 hours and team member C has worked 40 as well.

Group by

The group by option in team reporting gives you the flexibility to aggregate the data in the way you would like to view it. Using grouping levels to group by: board, category, item, subitem, person and combination*.
Combination is a term for the row of a standard time entry. A combination can for example be a time entry made on an item - category, or item - subitem - category.
By default the last layer is set as person and each row in the report is one person. You can switch to other options if for example you want to have an overview of the total time logged on a category, see the example below:
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Group by