What is My timesheet?

My timesheet

My timesheet is a board view that views all hours logged in a certain period. You can add the board view wherever you feel it is easy to navigate to. The board view combines data of multiple boards in the same instance (
As a user, you can work on multiple boards and workspaces and log your hours per items and/or subitems. When navigating to My timesheet, these hours will become visible in an overview.
The board view shows you horizontal rows with unique combinations of items - subitems - categories. By clicking on the item name, you can navigate to the item card to make changes.

Group by

On My timesheet we give you the option to group your time entries by;
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
Grouping time entries will result in a different view on your timesheet. You can group up to three levels. Find the menu item to group by on top of your timesheet and select one of the option to start grouping your first level. The time entries will automatically be ordered by this group.

Suggested combinations

Under your timesheet you will find suggested combinations, which you can add to your timesheet very quickly. Choose from a list of recent combinations and favorite combinations. Click on the plus icon for the combination to add it to the timesheet.
Combination is a term for the row of a standard time entry. A combination can for example be a time entry made on an item - category, or item - subitem - category.

Recent combinations

The list of recent combinations shows all combinations you have logged time on in the last two timesheets.

Favorite combinations

Combinations that you indicate as favorites can be found in the list of favorites. You can favorite combinations in different ways.
  • By activating the star on combinations in the recent list
  • By using the action bar and then choosing favorite combination

Action bar

The action bar appears when you select one or more lines with the checkboxes. Several options appear:

Duplicate to current timesheet

This action is visible when you are not viewing the current timesheet. This action duplicates the combination to the current timesheet, the hours are not copied.

Change items

This action opens a modal where you can edit the item and subitem.

Change category

This action opens a select list with all categories.

Favorite/unfavorite combinations

With this action you make the selected combination(s) a favorite or remove the favorite quotation. Favorite combinations can be found under your timesheet, under suggested combinations.

Delete rows

This action removes both the combination and the time entries made on this combination.

Pin your most used options

With the pin icon, you choose your favourite boards, items and categories. Those are probably the ones you log time on mostly. Each person can have their own pinned options.
How to add the pin?
  • Go to the board view: Tracket - My timesheet
  • Press "add new time entry"
  • Hover over a board/item category and the pin appears
  • Press the pin and it get's blue
  • This is now pinned to the top of your field.