Edit / add time entries
How to edit or add time entries from My timesheet.

Edit/delete time entry

There are two ways to edit an existing time entry.

1 Fast edit (hours only)

To edit an existing row, press the amount of hours and start typing a new amount of hours. When leaving the field, the new amount of hours are saved.
Edit/delete a time entry
If you want to delete a time entry, simply go to the input field and make the amount of hours 0.

2 Edit multiple fields

Select a time entry you want to edit, press the three dots behind. The following modal appears:
Edit one the fields. Press save changes to save your changes. With the bin behind the time entry you can delete the time entry.
When changing either the item, subitem or category, the time entry will be moved.

Add time entry

There are three ways to add a new time entry.

1 Add new combination

To add a complete new combination of item - subitem - category press the + new time entry button from the timesheet overview.
The following screen will appear.
Fill in all required fields and press log time.

2 Add new time entry to existing combination

The add a new time entry to an existing combination of item - subitem - category, open the edit modal via the three dots behind a time entry. Press + new time entry.
The date, item, subitem and category are pre-filled. Fill in the other fields and press save changes.

3 Duplicate to current week

With duplicate to current week we make it easy to log time on items that come up repeatedly.
When you select one or more rows with the checkbox in a previous week, a bulk action bar appears. Click the Duplicate to current week button and the selected combinations will appear in your current week. Only the combination itself is duplicated, the time entries are not included. You can easily enter how many hours you have worked on the duplicated combinations this week.