A list of the most frequently asked questions for Tracket.

How do I install Tracket?

To find out how to install Tracket please visit our installation page.

What are the costs of Tracket?

To clear things up about the pricing of Tracket, please take a look at our pricing table here. Our pricing starts with 2.75 euro (or about 2.91 USD) per user per month. Every additional user added is cheaper if you are in bigger user tiers. You can cancel your Tracket subscription at any time and you only pay for the users that are actually using the app.
Also, we offer a yearly plan in which you will receive 2 months of subscription for free.

Can I use Tracket in the mobile app?

Marketplace apps (including Tracket) are not supported in the mobile/tablet app. Tracket can be visible, but the behaviour is unpredictable and not officially supported. There is unfortunately nothing we can do to support the mobile app. Also, Tracket does not come with a standalone app.

How do I use Tracket in the My Work section of

There are no integration points for the My Work view, so we can’t control the visibility of Tracket in that view whatsoever. is responsible for showing Tracket’s item view for the configured boards and our view sometimes does appear on the My Work view if a user was previously on the board the item originally belongs to. Another customer has reported this issue to already and we hope it will be fixed in the future, so that Tracket can be used from the My Work view. If there is anything we can do to enable the visibility of Tracket in the My Work view, we will definitely do so.