Submit your timesheet

In order to work with the approval process, this must be enabled in the settings by the admin.
In Tracket, timesheets are submitted weekly for approval. In the period overview you will find a block above the table with information about the timesheet of the selected period.
You see here:
  • The status of the timesheet
  • The total number of hours logged
  • The total number of billable hours

How to submit

When a timesheet has the status open, you can submit it for approval. You do this by clicking on the blue button Submit timesheet.
A modal will appear with a summary of the timesheet you are about to submit.
  • If you are in a team with 1 team admin, it is automatically selected.
  • If you are in a team with multiple team admins, or if your organization has not configured any teams, you can choose an approver yourself via the approver dropdown.
Click submit to submit your timesheet. Submitting your timesheet causes the status to change to submitted. Your timesheet is therefore locked, you can no longer add or adjust time entries for this period. Made a mistake and still want to make a change? You can reopen your timesheet yourself, or ask your team admin the open the timesheet for you.
Monday admins can set in the admin settings of Tracket whether team members can reopen their timesheet themselves. Go to Admin > Approval process

Rejected timesheets

When your team admin rejects your timesheet, the status of your timesheet will change to rejected. Your time entries are no longer locked; you can add new time entries and edit your current entries. When you are done editing your timesheet, you can resubmit it again, so that your timesheet can be reviewed again.

Approved timesheets

When your team admin approves your timesheet, the status of your timesheet changes to approved. In the approved phase, the period remains locked, you cannot add new time entries or edit your current entries. If you still want to make changes to this timesheet, ask your team admin to open the timesheet again. After making the changes you have to submit the timesheet again.