Work schedules

Select the start of the week and add public holiday schedules

Week starts on

The week starts on impacts the visual view of the timesheet. You can select Saturday, Sunday or Monday as the start of the week.

Holiday schedules

With holiday schedules you can set public holiday schedules to people in your team. Add holiday schedules for the past, current en coming year. Holiday schedules will result in a decrease of capacity if the current week includes a holiday. For example: new year's day is on a Tuesday, then this day is blanked out.
By navigating to the work schedules tab in the admin settings, you can see the current work schedules. A holiday schedule can be edited, deleted or set as default.
Setting a holiday schedule as default implies that new users will automatically have this holiday schedule assigned to them.

Add holiday schedules

To add a new holiday schedule, press add holiday schedule in the overview. Find the country and region you're looking for and review if the holidays are correct.
Below you will find the example of the United Kingdom national holiday schedule. You can add new days if your company has custom days off, or delete the ones that do not count.
Don't forget to save the holiday schedule when you're done editing.