Tracket uses the user types determined by for permissions (admin, member, viewer, guest), added with an extra permission: team admin.
Team admins have more rights than a normal member, but only within their own team. They can view and edit timesheets of team members, are responsible for the approval process of their team members and and they can create reports on the time logged by their team members.
You set the team admin permission by navigation in the Tracket menu to Admin > People. On the people page you can set one or more team admins per team.
Anyone in the team who does not have team admin permission will be listed as a member (even if they have a admin permission outside of the team).
When no team admins are set up, only admin can view the specific team pages.

Overview of permissions

Permissions admin
team admin
Create, edit and delete own time entries
View other members time entries on item view
Create API tokens
Retrieve work logs with API
All users
Only your own
Only your own
Edit and delete other team members time entries
Insight, approve and reject team members timesheets
Create team reports
Configure fields + create, edit and delete categories
Configure capacity
Create and assign work schedules
Assign team admins
Configure approval process
Access to support channel
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