How to add capacity to people and grant permissions
In the "people" tab of the admin settings you have an overview of the teams that are present in your account. You can enter the people settings by the following steps:
  • Go to the settings button in your timesheet
  • Go to admin settings
  • Find the tab "people"
You now access an overview of all people in your account.


In the overview of "everyone at .." you see a column with a capacity per week. Simply put the amount of hours a person works a week (in Holland full-time = 40 hours) to each person.
Now, Elise's capacity is set for 40 hours. The status bar in her timesheet will now reflect the total hours with a capacity of x/40 hours and a percentage is shown.

Holiday schedules

In the overview you can add holiday schedules to each person individually (with the everyone at .... view) or to complete teams. If a team has one specific holiday, navigate to this team and you will be asked to apply the schedule to the complete team.
Read on how to add holiday schedules for the countries your employees are located here: