Tracket timer

How does the Tracket Timer work

Tracket timer

The timer allows you to continue working on a task and define the amount of time spent automatically.

Start timer

You can start the timer from the item view. Depending on the field configuration, start and stop is enough to create a time entry.

Stop timer

If the category or the billable hour fields are set as required, you need to fill in required fields before the timer can be stopped.
You can stop the timer in three places:

1 Stop timer from item where timer is running

The timer can be stopped when required fields are filled in.

2 Stop timer from another item

If you navigate to another item, the timer that is running on another item is shown like the image below. Starting the timer in this item will create a time entry on the item the timer was running on.

3 Stop timer from timesheet

Via my timesheet, the timer also indicates that it is running. You can stop the timer from here.

Timer settings

Rounding up time entries created with the timer is a personal setting. Each user can choose their own preference. You can find the user settings in the settings button at the right corner of the board view. There are two options available:
  1. 1.
    No rounding up
Each time entry that is created by using the timer will just be the amount of minutes that the timer is running. The amount of minutes will always be rounded up to above (1.45 will be 2 minutes)
2. Rounding up to nearest
If you choose this option, the time entry will always be rounded up to the mount of minutes you select. Examples:
  • 10 minutes (9 minutes become 10 minutes, 14 minutes becomes 20 minutes).
  • 15 minutes (16 minutes become 30 minutes, 33 minutes becomes 45 minutes).
  • 30 minutes (18 minutes become 30 minutes, 34 minutes becomes 60 minutes).
Find user settings in the settings menu