Time entry on an item

How to add time entries on a item or subitem

Create time entry tutorial

Add new time entry

Once the item view is installed, you can add time entries on all of items on a board. Select the item you want to log work for, the item view opens on the right hand side. Select the "timesheet" tab.
When you click the link, the timesheet widget shows and you can enter data for the work log:
  • Date: the date the hours are logged
  • Category: the type of work you wish to select for this worklog
  • Hours: number of hours (hours - minutes)
  • Billable hours: number of billable hours (hours-minutes)
  • Description: description of the time entry
Now press "Log time" and the time entry is added. The entry made is available at the bottom of the item view.

Filter/export time entries

At the bottom of the item view you can find the time entries that are created. Use the filters for time entries:
  1. 1.
    Made in a specific timeframe
  2. 2.
    Made by specific users(s)
  3. 3.
    Labeled with a category
Use the export function to export all time entries or the filtered selection.
Export and filter time entries

Edit or delete a time entry

At the bottom of the item view you can view your logged entries. To edit or delete a time entry, press the three dots menu behind a time entry (pictured below). When you choose to edit a time log, a pop-up will appear where you can change the fields of your time entry.
Edit or delete a time entry