The Numbered Headings macro allows you to number (part of) a page. You can have multiple macros on a page with each their own numbering.

Using the macro

You can find the Numbered Headings macro in the Confluence macro browser. When you edit a page, locate the insert button in the editor toolbar and choose Other macros. In the browser, search for Numbered Headings.
Alternatively, you can start typing on the page. By typing /number Confluence will suggest to add the Numbered Headings macro.
Inside the macro, place any content containing headings that you wish to number.
The Numbered Headings Cloud macro
Headings will not be numbered while you are editing the page. When you view a page, the macro will automatically number the headings of its content.
Headings are numbered when you view a page
You can add multiple macros to a page, macros are not aware of eachother.

Macro configuration

If you don't want to use the default numbering format, you can change the configuration of the numbering. When you click on the macro, an option to edit the macro will appear. This button will open the macro editor.
For an overview of the available formatting options, refer to Formatting options:

Content preview

If there are headings present in the macro content, you can preview the current settings on those headings using the "Show own headings" toggle.
Content preview enabled in the macro settings