Preview for downloading files. Sales: assign to me button and unassigned filter. Rest API compatible with api token authentication app.

1.4.0 - 2020-10-21

Preview files

Files that are attached to companies, contacts or sales can now be previewed. By clicking on the image title you will see a preview of the file before you can download the file.
Preview of a file

Sales extra functionality

Assign to me button

In the create sale dialog, it is now possible to easily assign a sale to the current user. Click on the assign to me button below the "assignee" field and the current user will be automatically selected.
Create sale dialog with assign to me filter

Unassigned filter

In the overview of sales it is now possible to filter all sales that are not assigned to a user.
Unassigned filter

Rest API compatibility

We've made changes to our Rest API making it compatible with another marketplace app: API token authentication app.
Last modified 2yr ago