Added the ability to export companies/contacts to CSV, configure a 'Then' handler in Jira Service Desk automation and bulk actions for companies/contacts.

0.9.0 - 2019-12-06

New in this release

Export companies & contacts

You are now able to export companies and contacts to a CSV file. You can find more information about how to perform an export in the dedicated documentation page for export.

Bulk actions

You can now select multiple companies or contacts at the same time and perform actions on them. We currently support the actions 'Export' and 'Delete'. Please let us know what actions you would like to perform on multiple companies or contacts.
Bulk actions

Configure visible columns in the overview

You were able to configure which columns you would like to be visible in the overview page before. We now save these preferences per user so that you do not have to configure this setting over and over again.

Jira Service Desk 'Then' handler

Automation for Jira Service Desk has been expanded with a special Then-handler for Atlas CRM. You can now fill custom fields with data from Atlas CRM when your Automation trigger fires.

Create new issues within a company/contact

Creating issues and linking them to a customer has been made easier in this release. We have added a button to create issues in the linked issues page of a customer. Issues created here will be linked to the customer automatically.
Create new issues in Atlas CRM
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