Managing sales is now available in Atlas CRM for Jira Server and Datacenter.

0.10.0 - 2019-02-25

New in this release


Sales funnel You are now able to manage and track sales in Atlas CRM. Create new sales and manage their progress in your sales funnel. Head over to your sales funnel by navigating to Sales in the Atlas CRM menu and check it out right away!
Sales funnel
Sales information Link companies and contacts to your sales to have all the information you need to close your sales in one overview. Need more sections or fields to document the information you have about your sales? Ask your Jira admin to update the sales template, configure the currency that is being used or to create additional funnel stages on your sales funnel.
Sales information
Plan work There is a bigger chance of winning a sale when by planning the work that has to be done. Create issues inside a sale to plan your work ahead.
Link issues to sales
You can find more information about sales in our documentation.

Search for companies/contacts in the API

You were able to retrieve companies and contacts before. In addition, we have created the possibility to search for companies and contacts by using their template fields
You can find the ID of a field in the template information drawer in Atlas CRM.
Template information
Currently, only fields that are either of type Text field (single line) or Text field (multi-line) can be used with this integration.
You can find an example of retrieving companies/contacts by phone number below. Note: The ID of the phone number field is different for your Atlas CRM instance.
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