Customers are at the core of Atlas CRM. This is an introduction of customers and how they are represented in Atlas CRM.

Companies & contacts

Atlas CRM introduces two new entities: companies and contacts. We use companies and contacts to represent our customers. A customer often looks like a company with several contacts.

Linking companies & contacts

You can link a company and a contact together to document their relation and define a role on this link. It's common to link employees to a company and add the role(s) they have within the company. This gives you a complete overview of the customer.

Some people work for multiple companies so, naturally, you can link them to multiple companies in Atlas CRM. You can use roles to distinguish between several companies.

Company / contact profile

When you open a company or contact, you will see its profile. We use the company and contact profile to get an overview of all information that we have about a customer.

Company and contact profiles look and behave very similarly. The main difference between the two is the information you can save inside them. Companies and contacts each have their own template.