Admins have the option to import companies and contacts data into Atlas CRM. We only support CSV files, please contact us if this causes a problem for you.

Find the import wizard

The Atlas CRM import wizard can be found in the administrator section in Jira. This is how you get there:

  • Navigate to Settings, Manage apps.

  • Look for the Atlas CRM section in the menu on the left.

  • Navigate to Import.

Choose import type

In this step you can choose if you want to import contacts or companies into Atlas CRM. Make sure you have configured your template to match the data you want to import.

It is currently not possible to import companies and contacts at the same time. This feature will be added in the future.

Upload CSV file

You can upload a file with a size up to 10 MB. It is currently not possible to upload files other than CSV files. If this prevents you from being able to import your data please let us know by raising an issue in our service desk.

You can configure a delimiter and pick a file encoding. The defaults are a comma and UTF-8 respectively.

Map fields

You can select columns from the uploaded file for each field in your template.

Since the name field is required in both the company and contact template, you are required to select a column for this field to continue. The rows in your CSV file which do not contain a value for this column will not be imported. At least one valid row is required.

The other fields in the template are optional and do not require a column to be selected.

You are able to select multiple columns for the name field in the contact template. This makes it possible to import a full name for a contact if you have separate columns for the first and last name.

Field configuration

Date fields

If you have mapped a date field in the previous step, you will be asked to select a date format so that we know how we should read your date values.

You will be able to preview how the data will look like before you continue.

Select fields

You might run into this configuration step if you have mapped a select field. This means the data in your CSV file does not match the possible options you have configured in your template.

You have multiple options here:

  1. Ignore options. This will ignore all the values that are not viable options for select field.

  2. Add options to the select list. This configuration will add all non-existing options to select field.

  3. Manually verify each option. You are able to pick which non-existing options you want to add to the select field. The other values will not be imported.


The confirmation step will show you a short overview of what will be imported. If everything looks fine to you, you can press next to start the import. Do not close your browser from this point until the import is finished.

Please contact us if you run into any issues during your import progress.