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Sales reports help you get an overview of past, present and possibly estimated sales information.
There is currently only one sales report available in Atlas CRM, but we plan to add more in the future. Let us know about the sales reports that you would like to see in Atlas CRM.

Sales overview

The goal of this report is to give you an overview of your sales funnel for a certain time period (week or month). The report gives you an overview of events that happened in this time period:
    Number of sales won
    Amount of revenue won
    Number of sales lost
    Amount of revenue lost
And it gives you an insight in the sales that are currently still open.
    Number of sales open
    Amount of estimated revenue
    Amount of projected revenue
The amount of projected revenue for a sale is based on the estimated revenue and the estimated probability of winning the sale.
Sales report in Atlas CRM
Last modified 1yr ago
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