Atlas CRM Cloud
Atlas CRM allows you to do customer relationship management inside Atlassian tooling. Get started with Atlas CRM by learning about the core concepts of the app.

Manage customers

Customers are at the core of Atlas CRM. You can manage information about your customers right inside Jira and Confluence. Contact information, the products they use, social media information and much more.
The customer is a centralized place where you or your colleagues can find up-to-date information about a person or company

Link issues to the customer

Get an overview of all the work you and your colleagues are doing for a customer by viewing linked Jira issues. Link issues to a customer to document the work you are doing. This expands not only the customer but also the issue. A link to the customer informs you who the work is for.

Link pages to the customer

Find all documents for a customer by viewing linked Confluence pages. Link pages to a customer to make sure you and your colleagues can easily find it in the future. This is a great practice for meeting notes, contracts, invoices and everything else that is related to the customer.

Manage Sales

Win more sales by managing your sales workflow with Atlas CRM. Modify the sales funnel to match your sales workflow. And find an overview of all sales in the several stages of the sales funnel.

Link issues to a sale

Plan and manage all the work that needs to be done to win a sale by linking issues. Assign issues to delegate work and collaborate on winning a sale.

Link pages to a sale

Share knowledge and collaborate around documents related to a sale. Link relevant Confluence pages to a sale and create a complete overview for you and your colleagues.
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