Linking issues (Jira)

Issues are often associated to companies or contacts. For example: The issue could be about work you are doing for a company. Or you might be helping a person resolve a problem.

Linking a company or contact to an issue

You can link companies and/or contacts to an issue to document this association. Linked companies and contacts provide context to the issue and allow for easy access to their information.

To link a company or contact to an issue:

  • Open an issue.

  • Find the Atlas CRM menu on the right side of the issue.

  • Select company/contact and select the one that you would like to link. You can search for a company/contact by typing the first few letters of the name.

Link customers to Jira issues

Open, edit and remove a company or contact from an issue

Linked companies and contacts are accessible in the Atlas CRM menu inside the issue. From within the issue, you can navigate to the company / contact in order to view more details.

View more details about your customer in Jira issues

You can also open a modal and edit the company / contact without leaving the issue. And you can remove the link between the company or contact and the issue.

To open, edit or remove a company or contact:

  • Open an issue with a linked company and/or contact.

  • Find the company/contact in the Atlas CRM menu on the right side of the issue.

  • Hover over the company/contact and click on the button that appears.

  • Here you will find options to: 'Open', 'Edit' or 'Remove from issue'.

Open, edit and remove actions for customers in Atlas CRM for Jira in a Jira issue

Company or contact issues overview

Linking a company or contact to an issue gives you context inside the issue. But you might also be interested in an overview of all issues that are linked to a company or contact. This is what the company or contact issues overview is for.

To find the issues overview:

  • Open a company or contact.

  • Click on 'Issues' in the menu on the left.

Issues overview for a company or a contact in Atlas CRM