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Having all your data in Atlas CRM is great, but you need to use it elsewhere from time to time. When you want to send out an email to all of your customers, for example.

Export customers data

You can export your customers data from Atlas CRM. The export contains all information that is filled out in the template of the companies or contacts. An example of what this data could look like:
You have the option to export all companies / contacts, or you can choose to export a selection. Companies and contacts are exported separately, each in their own file. Linked companies or contacts are added by their ID, so you can link them together in software such as Microsoft Excel.

Exporting all companies or contacts

To export all companies or all contacts:
    Navigate to the companies or contacts overview.
    Click on the ... button at the top of the page on the right side.
    You will find export options in the menu.
Your download will start automatically.
Export location in the companies overview in Atlas CRM

Export comments

Within the comment section of an contact/company/sale, you can click on the dropdown menu to export comments. You can choose to export the comments of that specific contact/company/sale or to export all comments. The content format of the exported comments will be HTML.

Importing this data

Here are a couple of examples on how to import this data in popular apps.

Importing data into Microsoft Excel

To import your data into Microsoft Excel:
    Click on File and then Open
    Select your file
Microsoft Excel will now automatically open the data.
If the data does not look like it should, you can use the import wizard. To use the import, change the file name extension from .csv to .txt before you open it.

Importing data into Google Docs

    Open a new spreadsheet
    Click on File and then Import
    Click on Import and select your file
    For Separator character choose Comma
    Click import
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