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Admins have the option to import companies and/or contacts data into Atlas CRM. We currently support CSV files only.
Before you import your data, make sure the companies/contacts template has the fields you would like to import. If this is not the case, you can edit the template.
After you have imported your data, it is not possible to perform another import to update your old data. A second import will create new companies or contacts, which can lead to duplicate data.

The importing process

The importing process consists of several steps:
    Choose whether you want to import companies, contacts or both
    Upload the CSV file(s)
    Match CSV data with fields in the template(s) Optionally: Link companies and contacts (only available if you're importing both at the same time)
To start the import process:
    Open the Atlas CRM settings and navigate to the Import page
    On the overview page, choose CSV
Begin import in Atlas CRM

1. Importing companies, contacts or both

In the first step of the importing process, you are asked to import companies, contacts or both. If you have companies and contacts data that is linked together (by ID, Name, etc.), you can link them together during the import when you choose to import both at the same time.
If you choose to import just companies or contacts, you will not be able to link them together.
Choose import type in Atlas CRM

2. File selection

In the second step you are required to select the CSV file(s) from your system.
You have the option to expand the Advanced section for each file. Here you can set some import settings such as File encoding and CSV Delimiter. These are set to the most commonly used values, so you can ignore these most of the time.
File selection for imports in Atlas CRM

3. Match CSV data with template(s) fields

In the third step you are asked to manually match CSV columns with template fields.
For each field in the template, you can select a column from the CSV file. This means that you can choose what data you want to import and where you want to import it. Data that you do not select, will not be imported.
The Name field is the only field that is required to fill out. Without a name, we can't create a company or contact. The name field is the only field that accepts more than one column from your CSV file. This can be useful when you have separate field for Surname, Middle name and Last name.
Match fields with templates in Atlas CRM

4. Linking companies and contacts (optionally)

If, in step 1, you chose to import both companies and contacts at the same time, you will now have option to link them together.
You will be able to select two columns, one from the companies CSV and one from the contacts CSV. When a company and a contact have the same values in the chosen columns, they will be linked.
Linking companies and contacts in Atlas CRM
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