Atlas CRM Cloud
Customer relationship management inside Jira. That is the core of Atlas CRM. It places the customer at the core of Atlassian products.

Companies and contacts in Jira and Confluence.

When you have installed Atlas CRM, you can access your companies and contacts by navigating to "apps" in the top menu bar and click on Atlas CRM. This link will open Atlas CRM, where you will find Companies and Contacts and sales in the top menu.

Linking contacts to companies

You can link a company and a contact together to document their relation and define a role on this link. It's common to link employees to a company and add the role(s) they have within the company. This gives you a complete overview of the customer.
You can link contacts to multiple companies in Atlas CRM if necessary. You can use roles to distinguish between the several companies.

Linking pages to customers

Because Atlas CRM works within Confluence, you can link your customers to pages. It's also possible to manage sales in Atlas CRM and link your customers to sales.