Jira Service Desk automation

You can create automation in Jira Service Desk and include actions in Atlas CRM.

Atlas CRM integrates with JSD's built-in automation. Atlas CRM provides two automation actions which allow you to copy Atlas CRM data to custom fields and link companies or contacts based on custom fields. JSD automation boils down to 3 steps:

  1. When (This will trigger this automation)

  2. If (These are optional conditions)

  3. Then (These steps will be executed)

Atlas CRM provides two automation actions which are executed during step 3.


  1. Follow Atlassian's documentation to create a custom automation rule "https://support.atlassian.com/jira-service-desk-cloud/docs/create-a-custom-automation-rule/".

  2. In the automation action (Then do this...) you will see the two options Atlas CRM provides which are "Atlas CRM: Copy template field to custom field" and "Atlas CRM: Link entity based on custom field".

  3. Atlas CRM automation requires three fields to be configured:

- "Company or contact" indicates if the automation should be run for a company or contact. - "Template field" indicates which Atlas CRM template field should be used. - "Custom field" indicates which JSD custom field will be used.