Advanced searching with JQL
JQL is used throughout Jira to make specific selections of Jira issues. Atlas CRM is integrated with JQL and allows you to find linked issues of companies, contacts and sales.
For an introduction into JQL, we recommend you to read this blogpost on the Atlassian blog: Search Jira like a boss with JQL

Search by name

company = "ACME Corporation"
sale = "This sale"
contact = "Elise Beer"

Search issues without links

company is EMPTY
sale is EMPTY
contact is EMPTY

Search on custom template data

To search on custom template data you will need to configure an automation. This short video will explain how you can configure this automation. You can also read more about this integration in this blogpost.

Other possibilities

Some Jira Dashboard gadgets support the use of JQL. If JQL support is available, you can filter on one or more companies and contacts.
If another add-on supports JQL, you can likely use Atlas CRM JQL Queries as well.