Having all your data in Atlas CRM is great, but you need to use it elsewhere from time to time. When you want to send out an email to all of your customers, for example.

Export customers data

You can export your customers data from Atlas CRM. The export contains all information that is filled out in the template of the companies or contacts. An example of what this data could look like:
You have the option to export all companies / contacts / sales, or you can choose to export a selection. Next to that, you are able to export companies, contacts or sales separately or linked to each other. The available format options are CSV and XLSV.

Exporting separately

To export all companies or all contacts:
  • Navigate to the overviews
  • Click on the export button at the top of the page on the right side.
  • You will find export options in the menu.
Your download will start automatically. The export can be find in the export folder in the top bar menu on the right.

Export linked

To export linked companies, contacts and sales you can choose the linked export option. This will result in one row where the connection is made. We have the following example to give you context about how the data is displayed.
The company Avisi has three linked contacts: Danielle, Timo and Elise. When exporting this company and contacts you will get the following result. For each link, a new row is created.
.... other company columns
Linked Contact name
1 Avisi
lorem ipsum
2 Avisi
lorem ipsum
3 Avisi
lorem ipsum

Field options

By default, user fields are exported to user names you can export to account-ids by enabling this option.