Advanced searching with JQL
JQL is used throughout Jira to make specific selections of Jira issues. Atlas CRM is integrated with JQL and allows you to find linked issues of companies and contacts.
For an introduction into JQL, we recommend you to read this blogpost on the Atlassian blog: Search Jira like a boss with JQL


Finds all issues that are linked to a company.
company = "ACME Corporation"
This will find all issues that are linked to company "ACME Corporation"


Finds all issues that are linked to a contact.
contact = "John Doe"
This will find all issues that are linked to contact "John Doe".


JQL is used in several Jira functions and in other add-ons. Here are a few examples of what you can accomplish by using JQL in combination with Atlas CRM.

Find all filed bugs for a specific company

Imagine you get a support call from one of your customers and you are about to report a bug. You do this in a support project which contains support issues for more than 10 customers. To make sure the bug isn’t reported yet, you use JQL to find all bugs that are linked to this company:
company = "ACME Corporation" AND project = "support" AND issuetype = Bug

Report the status of last week's issues for a contact

Imagine a customer calls you and asks about the status of the issues she reported in the past two weeks. If you want the specific overview of these issues, you can use this JQL:
contact = "Jane Doe" AND createdDate > -1w

Find unlinked issues

To find issues that are not linked to a company:
company is EMPTY
To find issues that are linked to a company, but not to a contact:
company is not EMPTY and contact is EMPTY

Other possibilities

Some Jira Dashboard gadgets support the use of JQL. If JQL support is available, you can filter on one or more companies and contacts.
If another add-on supports JQL, you can likely use Atlas CRM JQL Queries as well.
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